Dr. Charles Gore:

Selected Publications:

2008a    Gore, C., "Burn the Mmonwu": Contradictions and Contestations in Masquerade Performance in Uga, Anambra State in South Eastern Nigeria, African Arts, 41, 4.  

2008b   Gore, C., Mami Wata: An Urban Presence or the Making of a Tradition in Benin City, Nigeria, (ed.) Drewal, H., Sacred Waters: Arts for Mami Wata and Other Divinities in Africa and the Diaspora, Indiana University Press.

2007a   Gore, C., Art, Performance and Ritual in Benin City, IAI and University of Edinburgh Press

2007b  Gore, C., Conceptualising Royal, Ancestral Shrines and Personal Shrines in Benin City, Nigeria, in (ed.) Plankensteiner, B., Benin Kings and Rituals: Court Arts from Nigeria,  Museum fur Volkerkunde Wien-Kunsthistorisches Museum, UitGeverij Snoeck Editions/Publishers: Vienna, Austria, pp.131-139.

2006a   Gore, C., in Drewal, H., with Gore, C., and Kisliuk, M., Siren Serenades: Music for Mami Wata and Other Water Spirits in Africa, (eds.) Austern, L.P. and Naroditskaya, I., Music of the Sirens, Indiana Press: Bloomington and Indanapolis.

2006b   Gore, C., Nigerian Museums: A Question of Value, Safeguarding Africa’s Heritage, (ed.) Finneran, N., Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology, 65.

2003     Gore, C., and Pratten, D., The Politics of Plunder: The Rhetorics of Order and Disorder in Southern Nigeria,  African Affairs, vol. 102, no.407, april, pp.211-240.

2002     Gore, C., Traditions and Transformations in African Religions, in (eds.) Fletcher, P., Kawanami, H., Smith, D., and Woodhead, L., Religion in the Modern World, Routledge, pp. 204-230.

2001     Gore, C., Commemoration, Memory and Ownership: Some Social Contexts of Photography in Benin City, Nigeria, Journal of Visual Anthropology Special Issue U.S.A., pp.321-342.

2000,    Gore, C., A Record of War, Southern Nigeria, Songlines, Gramaphone Publications, vol.8 autumn/winter, pp.40-41.

1999     Gore, C., Vodou Nation in the United Kingdom, African Arts, UCLA, 32, 2, pp. 77-79.

1998     Gore, C., Ritual, Performance and Media in Benin City, Nigeria, (ed.) Hughes-Freeland, F., Ritual, Performance and the Media, ASA monograph series, Routledge, pp.66-84.

1997a   Gore, C., Remembering R.E.Bradbury: An Interview with Professor Peter Morton-Williams, African Arts, UCLA, 30, 4, pp.36-45.

1997b    Gore, C., Casting Identities in Contemporary Benin City, African Arts, UCLA, 30, 3, pp.54-61.

1997c   Gore, C., and Nevadomsky, J.N., Practice and Agency in Mammy Wata Worship in South-Eastern Nigeria,  African Arts, UCLA, Vol.30, No.2,    pp.60-69.

1997d   Gore, C., Popular Culture in West Africa, pp.447-453; Mami Wata pp.108-110; Encyclopedia of Sub-Saharan Africa; Macmillans Library Reference, USA.

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